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30 komentarzy na “Praca w Norwegii przy pakowaniu łososia na produkcji rybnej”

  1. siblings looking for a work:
    Marta Chumeniuk:
    Material status: Single
    date of Birth: 17.03.1986
    education: 2005-08 University of Szczecin: Biotechnology, 2009-13 Zachodniopomorski Uniwersytet Technologiczny: Zootechnology
    work experience: 2008-2011 pets progress: customer service
    knowledge of foreign languages: English- good in speech and writing
    driving licence B
    Łukasz Chumeniuk:
    Material status: Single
    date of birth 1.10.1992
    education: 2008-10 Automative School in Szczecin, 2010-12 high School
    work experience: 2010-11 UPS warehouse, 2011-13 Curier Driver Express Mail UPD
    knowledge of language: English intermediate
    driving licence B, C
    We are interested in working in the same company.
    contact: martachumeniuk@gmail.com

    • Personal Info
      Artur Słabosz
      Merital status: single
      DOB: 26.07.1982
      edu. Bradford collage
      work experience all over Europe include Norway (fireguard on oil platforms) Westconn Olen
      quick about myself. Young,strong and healthy…and ofcourse ready to work : )
      contact wlodzirej@gmail.com

    • My name is Katarzyna
      Matrial status : married
      date of birth 17.06. 1975
      education Agricultural University Faculty of Biology and Animal Breeding direction of the Environmental Protection.
      Qualitifications : Knowledge an ability to organize and establishment. Knowledge of the Law Road Trafic.
      Experience: intership as a teacher and tutor. A shop children’s clothing/ Driving instructor. Experience in runing their own business. Record keeping maganement lectures – trafic regulations. Learning by doing – driving techniques vehicle, drive complies with regulations.
      Knowledge langueage English is intermediate
      driving licence B.
      Im interestand in this job and i’ll be right emloyee, steadfast and diligent.
      My contact: kate1706@wp.pl

  2. Milena Martyna Kowalczyk
    date of Birth: 25.05.1990
    education: 2009-2012 School of Management in Warsaw majoring Administration.
    work experience: 2009- Special Areas – Farm – Reporter, 2010 – to the present : Municipality – secretary
    knowledge of foreign languages: English – good
    driving licvence B
    Dawid Kowalczyk
    date of Birth: 22.08.1983
    education: Higher School in Płock- physical education
    work experience: 2005-2006 worker supply, 2006-2008 Department of Mechanical and Production Packaging – specialist in recruitment and promotion, 2008-2011 – Żagiel S.A. – Sales Specialist, 2011-2012 – Sales Representative and Technical Advisor – Sales.
    knowledge of foreign languages: English – intermediate
    drive licence B

    Please contact : kowalczyk_milena@poczta.fm

  3. Hi my name is Matthew, was born in Tychy (woj.śląskie) I’m 25 years old and already a couple of times I worked abroad, including Denmark, Germany, Sweden and Austria. I know well, and German customs warehouse. I’m not afraid of any work, physically healthy, no bad habits, quickly learning new skills and diligently performing their duties at work. Will work in norwegian immediately. Currently, I live in Poland. Secondary education, Driving license number +48513297485

    I hereby give consent for my personal data included in my offer to be processed for the purposes of recruitment (in accordance with the Personal Data Protection Act dated 29.08.1997; Journal of Laws of the Republic of Poland 2002 No 101, item 926 with further amendments).

  4. Maciej Milko na 11 lutego 2013 @ 11:01

    Hi my name is Maciek an I’m 28 years old. Im from Poland and currently live in Oslo. I realy needs that job.
    Education : 2000-2003 K.K.Baczyński secondary school in Ełk
    2003-2006 Technical college „Medyk”
    in Ełk
    Current position: PHARMACIST TECHNICIAN
    2006-2012 worked in pharmacy
    Language: english good in writing and speech, currently I’m learning norwegian.
    Driving licence B
    I’m responsible and have good manual skills.

    I’m very interested that kind of job.

  5. Patryk Palka na 11 lutego 2013 @ 11:25

    Hi, my name is Patryk I’m 20 years old, was born in Auschwitz. I’m not afraid to take any work, conscientiously perform their duties. English language on communicative level.

    I agree to process my personal data included in my job application for the needs of the recruitment process

  6. ashleyneo na 11 lutego 2013 @ 12:34

    Paula Argasińska
    material status:single
    date of birth 27.09 1987
    education: High school in Nowy Sącz
    Higher Education Institution im. Frycza-Modrzewskiego field: international relations
    work experience:
    04.2009 – 08.2009 Piano Rouge Cracow – barmaid
    07.2011 – 09.2011 Loża Aktora Cracow – barmaid
    04.2012 – 07.2012 Studjo Nowy Sącz – barmaid
    02.2011- 12.2012 Russian Enso Cracow – barmaid

    Knowledge of languages
    English – fluent (CAE, LCCI certificates),
    German – fluent spoken and intermediate written
    Russian – conversational.
    Additional qualifications Driving licence,

    Jakub Klóska
    material status;Single
    date of birth.15.07.1989
    education:High School in Cracow
    work experience; few months like a cook and now like a builder
    Knowledge of languages
    English – fluent (CAE, LCCI certificates),
    Driving licence,
    We are interested in working in the same company
    contact: ashleyneo@poczta.onet.pl

  7. We are couple and from 3years we live in the UK.
    We have very good work experience on the warehouse and on the production line.
    Please contact us on email where we could send You back our CV’s.
    Anna and Piotr.

  8. Michał Kasperski
    date of birth: 20.01.1989
    place of birth: Leżajsk
    addres: Skarżyńskiego 6/3 21-040 Świdnik
    email: sosfks@gmail.com
    education: 10.2012- Gdynia Maritime University
    09.2005-05.2008- II High School in Świdnik
    work experience: 09.2010-Engineering apprentice in Gdynia Maritime University
    driver licence B

  9. monia1990 na 11 lutego 2013 @ 18:26

    Couple looking for a work
    Name:Monika Szymańska
    Material Status: single
    Date of birth: 23.10.1990
    Education: I graduated from school to secondary school
    English good in speech
    Driving licence B
    I hard working and cooperative which makes me an ideal candidate for this job

    name: Damian Bielik
    Material Status: single
    Education: I graduated from school to secondary school
    English good in speech
    Driving licence B
    I resistant to stress and hard working.

    We look forward to hearing from you.
    If found please contact monia18.11@o2.pl, romek0613@wp.pl

  10. piotrz125 na 11 lutego 2013 @ 18:42

    Piotr Kubik
    date of birth 28.08.1991
    driving licence B
    knowledge of language: English communicative
    contact: pkubik4@wp.pl

  11. Witam wraz z moim chłopakiem jesteśmy zainteresowani tą pracą.
    Mój chłopak operuję językiem angielskim w stopniu komunikatywnym, ja natomiast w stopniu podstawowym, jednak szybko się uczę. Mam 20 lat a chłopak 22 lata. Jesteśmy gotowi podjącć pracę z dnia na dzień. Bardzo proszę o kontakt klaudia14d@onet.eu

  12. oraz obydwoje posiadamy prawojazdy kat B

  13. marcin zajda
    date of birth 12.07.1989
    education 2009-2012 The University College of Tourism and Ecology in Sucha Beskidzka, IT
    11.2010 – 02.2011 Fideltronik Imel – production worker.
    06.2009 – 12.2009 Post office in Sucha Beskidza – assistant.
    driving licence B
    english B2
    deutsch A2

  14. Hi,

    I am interested this offer. Since 6 years I work as a chef in polish restaurant in Warsaw. Together with my family we want to live in Norway.
    My e-mail adress is daniel.pokorski@onet.pl

  15. Hi,
    I am interested in offering a job in Norway fo rportioning and packing salmon.
    I’ve got extensive experience in the work of the production in Poland and abroad.(UK,NL)
    License B,BE,CE,T, forklift and communicative Engish.
    I’m ready to start the work at every time . I can go by car.
    Please contact abielecki71@poczta.onet.eu
    My mobile phone: +48797820998

  16. Hi,

    I’m interested in your job offer.

    work experience; 22.10.2009-23.03.2013- Scootish Sea Farms Ltd. (fis processing operative)

    Languages: english (communicative)

    Courses: ‚Basic Environmental Awareness for Salmon Processing Staff’
    ‚Basic Food Hygine’

    Personal qualities; good cooperation in the group,strong motivation to work

    References; Calum Macalpine (Harvesting & Processing Manager) 01631574017

    mail; weronika.kiljanczyk@gmail.com

  17. Name:Katarzyna Tomaszewska

    Data of birth:16.02.1986
    Material status:single
    Education:high school in Prabuty
    Work experience:work on the prodiction line, work in the warehouse, running a small catering,permint to control pallet trucks

    Name:Piotrv Henryk Turek
    Data of birth:23.10.1980
    Material status:single
    Edukation:chef profession
    Work experience:work in the sophisticated pasta, work in the sophisticated ice cream, running a small catering
    Driving licence: B
    English:basic level
    Advantages:We are ambitious and hard working pair of people. We learn very quickly. Able to work in a team.
    Phone:+48 726401030

  18. Hello!
    My name is Adrian Juszczyk and I am very interested in this offer. I was born in 1990. I’m freshly out of college, graduated Jan Kochanowski University in Kielce. I have experience in working on the production and fulfill all the requirements that have been placed on offer, including a category B driving license and knowledge of the English language at the B1 level and also at the level of the Russian A2. I would like to emphasize that I am very interested in this offer and has me great motivation to work.

    My name is Camille Stalski and also am interested in this offer. He graduated from the professional profile of a small catering chef. I have completed courses for forklift trucks (all types) category B driving license, knowledge of English at B1. My advantages are communicative and easy assimilation of new rzeczy.Pracowałem year in production.

    We are both interested in working for the same company.

    Please contact us by phone: 727614024 also leave contact email address: adrjus6@wp.pl

  19. Wojtek.Sz na 14 lutego 2013 @ 09:53

    Wojciech Szymański
    Wielorybia 106/48
    Bydgoszcz 85-435
    Email: bady163@wp.pl
    Mobile: 885476266

    2006 – 2010
    Technical Gastronomy college in Bydgoszcz
    A levels
    Work Experience:
    2008 – 2010
    Cook, waiter, driver at Catering Pankowski(Gastronomy) in Bydgoszcz
    – Responsible for maintaining contacts with clients.
    – Worked as part of a team.
    – Worked independently.
    – Responsible for transport and logistics.
    – Responsible for training the new employees.
    – Performed a variety of duties.
    – Managed a small team of co-workers.
    July 2009 – August 2009
    Apprentice (cook) at Hotel Maraton in Bydgoszcz
    – Worked as part of a team.
    – Worked independently.
    – Responsible for production.
    August 2010 – February 2012
    Sales rep at Weyna (Wholesale) in Bydgoszcz
    – Responsible for maintaining contacts with clients.
    – Worked independently.
    – Responsible for dealing with invoices.
    – Responsible for acquiring all the necessary materials.
    – Responsible for transport and logistics.
    – Performed a variety of duties.
    11.2011 – 02.2013
    Run a business : Off- license

    Key skills:
    – English communicate
    – Drive licensee cat. B
    – Good communication and interpersonal skills.
    – Keen to learn new skills.
    – A committed team player.
    – Smiled

    „I hereby give consent for my personal data included in my application to be processed for the purposes of the recruitment process under the Personal Data Protection Act as of 29 August 1997, consolidated text: Journal of Laws 2002, No. 101, item 926 as amended.”

  20. Wojtek.Sz na 14 lutego 2013 @ 09:59

    * Born in 24.08.1990

  21. Wojciech Henryk Dubiel
    Material status: single
    Date of birth: 25.06.1992
    Education:Technical High School SOiO Conradinum Gdańsk 2008-2012 – profile: Mechatronics
    Work experience: 01.05.2011 – 31.05.2011 BTT Automatyka Sp. z o. o – Practice
    01.07.2011- 31.08.2011 H&D Renovation and construction services – Builder
    Knowledge of language: English – good in speech and writing, German – primary in speech and writing, Norwegian – primary in speech and writing
    Driving licence: B (cars)
    Contact: wwojtek92@gmail.com

  22. lukasiewicz4 na 14 lutego 2013 @ 18:09


    name Damian Łukasiewicz
    date of birth: 1990.07.06.
    work experience: worked with the portioning of fish, worked on machines, including a category B driving licency, languages english communicative.

  23. Lukasz Skiba na 15 lutego 2013 @ 14:54

    my name is Lukasz Skiba.
    I am very interested in your job offer.

    About me:
    i am 25 yo and i live in wroclaw,
    i graduated university of technology,
    i have experience in this kind of work (eu)
    my english is very good (few months in uk),
    i have driving license,
    in the future i want to live in norwey,

    please contact:
    – +48 721 805 078

  24. Dagmara Trebicka na 15 lutego 2013 @ 15:17

    Name: Dagmara Trębicka,
    Date of birth: 02.08.1989,
    Material status: single
    Education: high school in wroclaw,
    Work experience: few months in this kind of job,
    English: basic level,
    Phone: 695 455 275
    e-mail address: dagmara.trebicka@wp.pl

  25. My name is Sylwia. I am 25 years old. I am residing in Poland now. I am intrested in job in Norway.
    Material status: married
    Education:High school in Gdank
    Work experience: Since 2007 shop keeper
    Addictional skills: Drive licence B
    Knowlage language: English
    I am sure that I am an ideal candidate for this job because I am hard working person and I am not afraid any hard work.
    Please Contact me on phone 517168174 or mail frensh@interia.pl

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